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Financial Reporting
Seligson & Giannattasio, LLP aims to ensure that clients maximize their potential wealth; however, the compliance issues associated with running a business cannot be overlooked.
CFO Services
When you take advantage of our outsourced CFO services, you get a dedicated, experienced financial professional who helps you make the tough business decisions you need to guide your business to future success.
Forensic Accounting
Forensic accountants are more than just number crunchers. It takes a unique combination of skill, intuition, perseverance, diligence, and integrity to do what we do--and to do it successfully. We'll help you get to the bottom of complex financial matters no matter how long it takes.
Due Diligence
We seek to provide a wide variety of customized service solutions on internal audit and internal control system design and review services, business performance management audits and continuous professional education to practicing internal audit professionals, in-house assessments, advisory, consulting and training.
IPOs Advisory Services
Adequate Fund is prerequisite to facilitate Company?s future development and business expansion. For meeting this requirement, Initial Public Offerings is the most common way for capital fund raising. We assist our clients to undertake IPOs for a listing in a variety of capital markets.
Corporate Finance
As specialists in advising owner-managed businesses, Seligson & Giannattasio, LLP has considerable experience in acquisitions, sales and management buy-outs. Our personal service ensures we help our clients achieve their overall goals.
Establishing China Operations
By entering World Trade Organization (WTO), the demand of professional advisory services in China is increasing dramatically, it provides us a huge number of opportunities. With extensive experience in local languages, cultural and business practices, we set up our office in Guangzhou and our professional team possesses skills and knowledge to provide many services, from accounting to tax compliance and more.
An ESOP is a smart choice for many business owners, but the issues can be complicated. In complex business matters, it pays to have an expert on your side. Seligson & Giannattasio have been helping companies succeed for over 90 years. As independent consultants, we are able to guide you through the ESOP process in a way that most benefits you.

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